Cirque du Soleil "Zumanity"In Conjuntion with SATW’s Downtown Las Vegas convention, more than 60 tours are being offered for your story gathering and networking. Whether you want to kayak on the Colorado River, or trace the unusual history of downtown Las Vegas,or head backstage at one of the city’s glamorous productions, SATW’s convention tours are designed to help you tell—and sell—the story of downtown Las Vegas, the Strip and the great American Southwest.

New this year: Half- and full-day tours will be priced a la carte, designed to keep registration costs for the core convention low and to provide members maximum scheduling flexibility.

Also new this year: Registration for tours will close ahead of registration for the core meeting—no sign-ups for tours will be allowed after August 3 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. This is designed to allow us to confirm all tour assignments the first week of August and provide delegates optimal time to secure the best airfares to Las Vegas. Please DO NOT PURCHASE non-refundable airfare until your requested tours have been confirmed.

Pro tip: For those of you who will be attending the convention with a spouse, note that capacity for spouses on tours is limited, and separate from member allocations.  Therefore, it is possible a tour that you wish to attend together has already filled its spouse allotment, while seats for Actives and Associates may still be available.  The easy way to verify this is to start your spouse registration first, then handle the member registration.  Although member and spouse are not required to sign up for the same day tours, spouses will not be allowed on any pre/post tour unless accompanied by their member-spouse.

Questions? Contact Tours Chair David Swanson:

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