POS-04 Ghosts of the Open Road: Nevada’s Loneliest Highways Motorcycle Tour

POS 04 — Ghosts of the Open Road: Nevada’s Loneliest Highways Motorcycle Tour

October 9-13


Nevada's Loneliest Highways Motorcycle TourIf the lure of the open road beckons, come ride with SATW’s own “Wild Hogs” on a tour of some of Nevada’s loneliest places. Open to experienced, licensed motorcyclists, we’ll explore some historic Western locales—a ghost town, a historic railroad and a place whose violent past reportedly “made Deadwood and Tombstone look like kindergarten!”

Along the way, we’ll take in natural wonders and make a side trip into California to the heart of Death Valley and Badwater Basin, the lowest elevation in North America at 282 feet below sea level. We’ll also take a ride down the Extraterrestrial Highway (near Area 51), where UFO sightings are as common as jackrabbits, if you’re a believer. And we’ll touch upon U.S. 50, a road so desolate it was described by Life magazine as the “loneliest road in America.”

This will be a challenging and exciting four-day ride of about 1,000 miles through varying terrain and weather conditions. Our route will encompass some of the most beautiful and desolate scenery this country has to offer. You must be a licensed motorcyclist capable of handling a heavyweight touring motorcycle, provided by Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. Insurance is included in the tour cost, as is lodging and meals, but riders will be responsible for gasoline, estimated to cost between $75 and $100 based on the miles traveled. Passengers are welcome but must arrange in advance (before registering) with someone who registers as a rider (licensed motorcyclist).

Activity level: Moderate. Motorcycle touring skills required.

Cost: $450 Actives; $550 Associates; $600 Alumni, Spouses (maximum: 10)


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