POS-10 Houseboating on Lake Mead

POS 10 — Houseboating on Lake Mead

October 9-11


Houseboating on Lake MeadLake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States and just 24 miles from Las Vegas. On the Colorado River and formed by Hoover Dam, the lake spans Nevada and Arizona. We will depart from Callville Bay Resort and Marina and Forever Resorts will supply a pilot. We’ll spend two days playing, exploring and discovering why renting a houseboat on Lake Mead is so compelling.

Each houseboat features private staterooms, a top-level sun deck, spacious living area and an outdoor barbecue grill. We will explore the lake’s hundreds of miles of shoreline and beaches via our floating hotel and by small powerboats we’ll bring along. And we’ll discover the ultimate tranquility of spending a night surrounded by nature—but with accommodations with all the comforts of home. We’ll have up to three boats to accommodate up to 12 guests—singles or couples. We’ll all pitch in with the cooking and there will be ample time to simply wind down and relax.

Houseboating appeals to a wide variety of vacationers, including those who are eco-conscious. Houseboats are manufactured in a variety of sizes and amenities and contain environmental features such as energy-efficient or LED lighting, low-flow water fixtures, zero water discharge into the surrounding body of water, carbon-monoxide reduction through the use of SafeCO generators and the most fuel-efficient engines available, along with solar-enhanced electric systems. All Forever Houseboats include carpeting and cabinet tops made from recycled materials and all are built to the strictest marine safety standards. Best of all, they’re built to take people of all interests and ages into extraordinary areas they could not get to by any other means.

Activity level: Easy to moderate, depending on your choice of activities each day.

Cost: $225 Actives; $275 Associates; $300 Alumni, Spouses (maximum: 12)


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