PRE-03 Loneliest Road in America

PRE 03 Loneliest Road in America

October 1-4


Loneliest Road in America

In 2016, U.S. Highway 50 through Nevada will celebrate the 30th anniversary of a monumental insult.

Thirty years ago, Life magazine dubbed the highway the “loneliest road in America,” warning readers not to travel it for fear of being lost and forever forgotten. Unapologetic, the towns along the route rallied behind the affront declaring, yes, it is indeed lonely—just the way we like it! Since then, travelers have been challenged to experience the Loneliest Road in America and get their passport stamped along the way to prove that they survive. You will too.

You arrive in Reno and start your Highway 50 adventure in the nearby town of Fallon, where you’ll get a peek at the World Cowboy Fast Draw Championships and wet your whistle at the only estate distillery in Nevada. Next, you’ll venture east to Austin and Eureka, learning about the Pony Express Route that parallels the highway and about the mining heyday of both these now sleepy western towns.

Once you reach the east side of the state, you’ll visit Great Basin National Park, which will also be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, and you’ll be treated to a spine-tingling adventure aboard a haunted steam-engine ghost train.

If you survived the Loneliest Road in America, you’ll continue to Las Vegas and the start of the SATW National Convention.

Cost: $340 Actives; $415 Associates; $450 Alumni, Spouses (maximum: 25)

Note: This tour starts at Reno-Tahoe airport; participants are responsible for flying to RNO to join the tour by 2:00pm on Oct. 1. Transportation to Las Vegas for the core convention is included.


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