Welcome to Las Vegas



Annette_WelcomeIt is my pleasure to welcome you to our 2015 Convention in Downtown Las Vegas. We have much to celebrate this year, beginning with our 60th anniversary. We selected  Reinvention Convention as our theme as we look to the best of the past and the excitement of the future to develop and strengthen our careers as well as our wonderful organization.

In keeping with our theme, we have chosen Downtown Las Vegas, the old-new industrial chic area. The heart of the city of Las Vegas, this neighborhood changes almost daily as intense urban renewal spurred by significant investment from Zappos founder Tony Hsieh inspires others to reinvent the town. Read more >>


Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn GoodmanOn behalf of the city of Las Vegas, I would like to welcome members of the Society of American Travel Writers to our fabulous destination. We are especially pleased your professional society has chosen to convene and mark your organization’s 60th anniversary in our downtown area, the original and authentic Las Vegas where it all began decades ago.

There are many parallels between downtown Las Vegas and the theme of your 2015 meeting – Reinvention Convention. Like your esteemed organization, Downtown Las Vegas is in the midst of a renaissance. This revitalization has been fueled by significant investment, new and landmark buildings, the birth of a new cultural epicenter for the entire city, renovation of major hotel properties, an emerging tech and small business sector, the repurposing of significant historical venues and stunning new and iconic architecture. Read more >>

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